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Focus On St. Edmund Preparatory HS Math

St. Edmund Preparatory High School is a Catholic college prep school that operates under the St. Edmund parish in Brooklyn. It is an extension of the St. Edmund Elementary School operated by the same parish in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

St. Edmund’s has a strong math department and curriculum that prepares students for college and for life.

St. Edmund Preparatory High School Math Curriculum

Math at St. Edmund Preparatory High School is integrated into other curricular areas, to include science, business, and computers. Several classes in these disciplines require a strong math foundation and strengthen further the math skills of the students enrolled in those classes.

The math foundation at St. Edmund Preparatory High School includes:

  • Integrated Algebra Regents for Freshmen
  • Integrated Algebra Honors (Freshman course)
  • Integrated Algebra SG (also a Freshman class)
  • Geometry Regents and Geometry Honors (both for Freshmen and Sophomores)
  • Sophomore class Geometry SG
  • Algebra 2/Trigonometry (for Sophomores and Juniors)
  • Algebra 2/Trigonometry SG (Junior-level class)
  • Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications (Junior/Senior-level class)
  • College Pre-Calculus (for Juniors and Seniors)
  • College AP Calculus (Junior/Senior class)
  • Math Lab is open to all students who enter high school at a below average math ability

Courses in other disciplines that require a strong math background before students can take them include:

  • Advanced Computer Science
  • AP Computer Science
  • College Accounting
  • Managerial Statistics Honors
  • Physics Regents

All of these classes are upper level courses.

Students at St. Edmund Preparatory High School can take the math regents exams and graduate with additional honors. An International Baccalaureate Program is also available. The IB track has its own math requirements. Advanced students may also earn college credit for math classes taken at St. Edmund.

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