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Focus On Temple Israel — The Academy

Temple Israel of the City of New York is a Jewish synagogue that offers educational opportunities for Jewish adherents of all ages, including adults. Their childhood learning center includes a preschool, a lower school, and an upper school–called The Academy.

The lower school includes students from kindergarten through sixth grade while The Academy starts at seventh grade and goes through twelfth.

The Temple Israel Academy Curriculum

The Academy at Temple Israel of the City of New York is not a traditional educational facility. It is a learning center to teach the principles of Jewish living from a Progressive Judaism perspective. Their motto is:

It is not enough to only study Torah, but to BE TORAH!

The Academy is divided into three curricular classifications — seventh grade, eighth grade, and high school (ninth through twelfth grades). Each classification follows a three-track curriculum that consists of:

  • Limud (Lifelong Learning)
  • Avodah (Community Engagement)
  • Tzedek (Social Justice)

The Temple Israel Middle School

While faculty do not refer to seventh and eighth grade as middle school (they call it “Junior Academy”), it is clear they provide a special curriculum for this age group based on its divisions.

Seventh graders choose one Limud course for each of their two trimesters, four Temple programs, services, and/or festivals for Avodah, and four volunteering events for Tzedek along with a weekend trip. Eighth graders do the same.

The Temple Israel High School

Students in The Academy choose the same number of courses for each track and trimester as students in the Junior Academy. The big difference is in the nature of the courses.

For a full list of course descriptions for Junior Academy and Academy students, visit the school’s website.

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