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Focus On West End Day School Math

The West End Day School is, as you might have guessed, located on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. The school’s focus is on children ages five to thirteen who possess “mild to moderate” learning disabilities or emotional issues.

West End Day School Curriculum

The curriculum at West End Day School is designed for students who do not fit well into the mainstream educational environment. Classes are kept small–up to 10 students–and centered around academic or social ability.

Following the New York State curriculum guidelines, faculty use SMART boards in all the classrooms and engage students from kindergarten through sixth grade in ways that affirm their individual learning styles.

Teachers use a computer lab in conjunction with mult-modal and interactive approaches to learning.

West End Day School Math Curriculum

West End Day School group students together who are similar in academic capability according to the subject being studied at the time–whether reading, writing, or mathematics.

In math, students are assessed informally by teachers and placed in the group that will best meet their learning needs. Teachers use the Saxon Math program so that teachers can revisit concepts after they’ve been initially taught in order to reinforce the lessons. Students use manipulatives to learn math concepts in a multi-sensory approach.

Students get lots of practice in math facts in a structured environment.

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