Advantages Of A Co-Ed Private School

by NYC Firm Schools on August 25, 2011

Yesterday we discussed the benefits and advantages of sending your children to a single-sex private school. But are there advantages to sending them to a co-ed private school instead?

Actually, there are.

Proponents of co-ed schools like to make their case with three main talking points and if you think about it, those talking points are fairly salient.

  1. Boys and girls can learn from different learning styles. Rather than refute the hard evidence that boys and girls learn differently, co-ed enthusiasts take the same information and present it to favor a different argument. Since boys and girls learn differently, they learn more by exposure to those differences and learn how to interact with others who approach topics with a different frame of mind.
  2. Another reason co-ed Firm Schools are superior is because they serve as a microcosm of larger society. Since men and women work side by side in the workforce, why shouldn’t their smaller counterparts work side by side in an educational setting?
  3. Co-ed Firm Schools do more to break gender stereotypes. Because boys participate in music and art and girls have the same chance to excel in math and science, no one gets into the practice of considering those gender-based disciplines.

Co-ed Firm Schools have their advantages. At NYC Firm Schools Blog, we believe you as the parent should choose the right environment for your child. Whether that environment is a single-sex school or a co-ed school is a choice you and your family should make with the proper amount of research (and soul searching).

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