Budget Cuts in NYC Schools

by NYC Firm Schools on September 22, 2009

NYC Schools are facing unprecedented budget cuts that are seriously damaging their ability to serve their students with the extra programs and assistance that have allowed them to regain their successful credentials in recent years.

In a recent article in the NY Times, some of the schools programs affected were highlighted.

The band class at Public School 48 on Staten Island is no more. At Middle School 189 in Queens, the after-school program credited with raising math and reading scores has vanished. And that end-of-the-year steak dinner for high achievers at Public School 273 in Brooklyn? Gone, too.

The responsibility to make up for the lack of funds falls to school staff in an attempt to get the same supplies, services and products but at a lower cost.

At the start of school, Ms. Avery gathered her staff to tell them it would be one of the most difficult years they would face. This year, the school will have 29 students to a class, instead of 21, four fewer teachers and fewer incentives for students, such as free bicycles.
In a back-to-school slideshow, Ms. Avery told teachers they might be asked to take on multiple jobs. She suggested they scour advertisements for supplies and post cheap finds in the teachers’ lounge, and urged them to hold grant-writing get-togethers.

Many schools that have instituted after and before school tutoring programs for free, resulting in a dramatic increase in student achievement, are now faced with the dissolution of those very programs.

In light of the reductions, Ms. Diaz-Burgos decided to eliminate an after-school program of tutoring in English, math, science and social studies.

The economy continues to affect NYC students in many ways and it is sad to see so many good programs being cut due to lack of funds.

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