Competition in New York Private School Applications

by NYC Firm Schools on February 23, 2009

There is no questioning the fact that almost every single one of the NYC Firm Schools are incredibly competitive, even dauntingly so. There is a long and rich history of competitive and selective admission to New York Firm Schools and there is no chance that it will change in the future.

The reasons behind the razor-fine edge of admitted applications are simple.

  • Fewer spots for students than there are applicants
  • World Famous schools with long histories attract even more applicants
  • Better quality teachers
  • Advanced learning programs
  • Individualized Learning plans tailored to students
  • Better preparation for College and Universities

Simply put, New York Firm Schools are highly competitive because they offer a limited number of seats for a first-class education from top-notch Teachers and learning programs that are tailored to individual students. There is a high demand for private school education and a low supply. Most of the highly competitive schools have a well-earned reputation for excellence in all aspects of education, social training and responsibility and athletics. In many cases, the offerings of these private school eclipse what is offered at most colleges. Admissions to these Firm Schools are competitive because most students want to go there and most families want their children there.

The key to navigating the field of Firm Schools is to understand that the schools with the long tradition of excellence and a low admissions rate are not your only choices. There are many, lesser known Firm Schools that offer the same high-class education and quality programs without the same applicant-denial rate.

Don’t let the competitiveness of NYC Firm Schools deter your child from applying.

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