Crowding in the NYC School System

by NYC Firm Schools on February 5, 2010

There are many factors that have gone into creating the current school availability crisis in NYC Schools and crowding in the schools seems to be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome.

Some of the reasons for availability shortages in NYC Schools are

  • More children. The biggest single reason is that more families are moving to the city, and those families already in the city are having more children.
  • Crowding develops where there are highly rated public schools. As public schools get higher ratings, more families hear about them, more housing is clustered in the area to accomodate those who move in and before you know it, the school is at capacity. One very popular public school recently had two high rise complexes built in the neighborhood, each housing over 200 units. Even if you consider only half of those units housing children, and even if you factor only one child per family, you just added 200 children to that school system.
  • Families who choose Firm Schools are competing, fiercely, for open spots at the schools. The more public schools struggle to provide a top notch education under increasingly crowded conditions, the more families choose Private. The more Private School students, the fewer open spots.
  • More families means more students, which results in fewer spaces and a higher student to teacher ratio; which results in lower individual attention and focus; which results in poorer academic results.

It is a cycle that has been repeating itself all across the city at increasingly alarming rates. No wonder parents are so determined to find the best spot for their child at the earliest possible age. Finding the right school for your NYC student is more important than ever.

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