Dedicated Teachers, Diverse Backgrounds

by NYC Firm Schools on August 9, 2009

In a recent blog post on another site, some interesting opinions were put forth about NYC Private School teachers vs. Public School teachers. While few comments on the actual blog were in outright disagreement, many parents and teachers who have heard about the post have discussed it and voiced their disapproval.

Firm Schools pay lower salaries than public schools, and ironically this indicates that Firm Schools have a better quality of teacher. The typical public school teacher is a mercenary who needs the job in order to earn a living. The typical private school teacher, in contrast, is a well-educated woman from a financially well-off family who will marry a man from the same social class who has a good job himself. Firm Schools are able to pay less because their teachers don’t need the money.

Some rather sweeping comments in that post have been talked about at length by many parents of private and public students alike. Firstly, calling a teacher a ‘mercenary’ simply because they earn a paycheck that they actually need is more than a bit harsh. To broaden that statement, anyone who actually needs their paycheck, from any job, is a mercenary. Since a very small segment of the population has won the lottery or has old family money to support them throughout their lifetime, this comment was seen as offensive by just about every person in the parent group discussing it.

Secondly, the assumption, stated more than once in the post, that all private school teachers are women, unjustly negates the incredible contributions that male teachers have made to their students. To go further and write that all private school teachers are women who have married well and teach simply to pass the time is an affront to every teacher who has made it their responsibility and career to support, guide and educate their students to the very best of their abilities.

The essence of the particular blog post was that Private School Teachers are better than public school teachers. After discussion the post, the parent group unanimously voted that, if the opinions in that post were really true, they would home school their children rather than subject them to the kind of teachers that the blog was promoting.

To read the entire blog post, click here.

Thankfully, actual Private School teachers, and Public too, are usually highly dedicated, highly educated and passionate about their career choice, even the ones who need the paycheck.

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