Education Beyond the Classroom

by NYC Firm Schools on June 30, 2009

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One of the benefits of a Private School Education is an often overlooked emphasis on field studies and practical application of learned knowledge. Yes, we’re talking about field trips.

Field Trip or Field Study?
In thousands of schools across the nation, field trips have taken on the reputation of a “day off of school” and out with friends, but that doesn’t have to be the case. While the sheer amount of students attending public schools and therefore attending off-site adventures is often a deterrent to the basic intent of an educational trip, the smaller scale classrooms and more individualized schedules allow many private school students the ability to explore and attach real meaning to what they have studied in the classroom.

Field trips aren’t always about taking a bus to another location. Off-site or simply out-of-the-classroom excursions give kids the opportunity to see, touch and apply what they have learned to the real thing, minus the textbooks and plus the tactile experience of science and exposure.

Pictures or Memories?
Children predictably learn about the process that turns tadpoles into frogs, but pictures in a textbook fail to truly excite and engage the scientific mind and create an atmosphere of both imagination and wonder. When students file out of a classroom and into the open air, learning becomes less about memorizing pictures and more about remembering an experience. A teacher who takes the time to bring his or her students outside to the school science pond every other day to catch and study the progression of tadpoles to frogs is taking the time to engage students’ minds on a whole different level.

Students lucky enough to have a teacher and a school who understand that education is provided beyond the four walls is a student who will go on to discover a love of learning and a greater understanding of the world around them.

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