Education Frustration both Public and Private

by NYC Firm Schools on April 30, 2009

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Rebecca Bond of the Huffington Post wrote a wonderful story about ensuring her child a NY School education, and how the plan went terribly awry. Rebecca’s story is much like that of many NYC parents this past year, with all of the hope, passion, determination and slightly bewildered confusion that goes hand in hand with attaining a NY education for your child.

I’m a mother who got the hay kicked out of her this year in the “perfect storm” that is the current Public School application process. Public, private, sibling admission, you name it; it seems nearly impossible to get your kid educated in the city these days.
My husband, Jon, and I are the parents of a bright, precocious sponge, and decided that we would not apply to a single private school in New York.
It turns out, we are fortunate to live on the same block as the second highest ranked school in Manhattan, P.S 41. While a part of me wanted to high-tail it back to a cul-de-sac in Kansas, I was thrilled that my daughter would take part in the ultimate, New York City, public school education.

Like many parents with a renewed interest in NYC Public Schools, Rebecca felt assured that, being zoned for a public school, her child would be likewise assured attendance.

Thousands of children are without schools and waitlists for both public and Firm Schools are approaching triple digits. Let me tell you, parents are panicking. It feels like all of my ideals and dreams have abandoned me. The public school education that promised to be so nourishing, and that should be an inalienable right, is now out of reach.
We are now waitlisted for our daughter’s neighborhood school, and, having forfeited the opportunity to enlist in a private school, are marooned with few options.

As many parents have found out this year, a top-quality NYC education for your child can be frustrating, confusing and elusive. Be it a Public School or Private School, admission is no guarantee.

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