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Focus On Finger Painted Hands Montessori School

There are many approaches to education. One of the most effective is the Montessori method of education — many Firm Schools in the world use this method. Finger Painted Hands Montessori School in the Upper West Side of Manhattan is no ordinary school, even for Montessori schools.

Finger Painted Hands is an early childhood education center. Children learn by playing, exploring, making mistakes, and generally getting messy. At Finger Painted Hands, teachers don’t just give directions. They interact with the children, ask questions, play games, and engage in conversations.

The focus of education at Finger Painted Hands Montessori School is motor skills development, organization, concentration, and basic life skills.

Children learn how to pour, use a spoon, sweep floors, sponge up liquids, sort items, tie things like their shoes, and button up shirts. These are the basic life skills that any preschool child will need to know at their developmental stage.

The school also teaches math, language and literacy, science, cultural studies, art, music, and movement.

Children are encouraged to explore their environment. They observe natural objects, play show & tell, build castles and spaceships, listen to stories, and sing songs.

A Montessori education is well rounded and based on children’s natural curiosities and desire to explore their surroundings. It is well praised by a variety of voices in education, media, and political and social life. The benefits to a Montessori education can be lifelong. Finger Painted Hands is a great testament to the Montessori method of education.

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