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by NYC Firm Schools on November 18, 2009

Respect for nature and the environment is a focal point of many educational programs. The philosophy of many schools includes learning and showing respect to the world around you in all of its wonderful diversity. NYC schools in particular, because of the dual role that cultural and environmental diversity and classic tradition play in the area, have an important respect for green initiatives. Some schools, and some countries, have chosen to go one step forward and make respecting nature a part of the national educational plan.

The Telegraph discussed the green plans set out for UK schools, which is not actually a compulsory part of the curriculum:

New curriculum guidance says the well-being of “mini-beasts”, including bees, ants and worms, should be taught in classes as part of primary school’s “animals and us” section of the citizenship curriculum.
By the age of seven, pupils will have learnt that “not stamping on insects” is appropriate behaviour “in areas where animals live”.
The guidance, drawn up by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, says children can learn good citizenship skills by learning about the wellfare of insects because “other living things have needs and they have responsibilities to meet them”.

While many have focused on smaller implications of the new curriculum, the important lesson that is taught is, like bees and ants, only a fraction of the larger picture.

A spokesperson for the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency, which drew up the guidelines, said it was “important that young people develop an awareness of the responsibilities that flow from human relationships with the natural world”.

A love of the environment begins with learning and respect and then naturally progresses to stewardship. While it may seem amusing that UK schools are openly teaching students to respect insect life, the lesson has far reaching implications that are less than amusing.

Many NYC Firm Schools play an active role in Green Alliance Initiatives and work towards make the city and world a better place, from the insects up.

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