Highlight on Poly Prep Country Day School

by NYC Firm Schools on January 10, 2009

Every week we will highlight and learn about a different NYC private school in order to give our readers a more in-depth feel for the cultural, academic and diverse atmospheres that each school provides.

The Poly Prep Country Day School is one of the NYC Firm Schools considered as an Ivy League Prep School. It is located in Brooklyn and is a member of the NAIS. It is a nonsectarian, co-educational day school serving nursery school through 12th grade.

According to the school’s website, their mission statement is:

In keeping with Dr. Allen’s vision, the mission of Poly Prep Country Day School is to prepare students for college and for life by fostering learning, health, leadership, community responsibility, and, above all, character. A day-long program of academics, physical education and athletics, arts, and extracurricular activities is guided by a strong, committed faculty, in a diverse school community, on campuses with outstanding facilities.

In all pursuits and daily interactions, Poly Prep students are reminded of the importance of character, and of their responsibilities to the community.

The school itself has advanced classes in:

• Music Theory
• World History
• US History
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Physics and many more

The student teacher ratio is about 1:7, with an average of 7 hours of classroom time a day, vs. the 6 hour average in public schools, and the Poly Prep school calendar is 162 days vs. the 180 in public schools.

According to statistics, about 28% of the student body receives financial aid. Tuition to the school varies, depending on the grade and year.

There are a number of sports programs at the school, ranging from Basketball, Football and baseball to Swimming, Lacrosse and even Ultimate Frisbee.

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