How Important Is Philosophy In Choosing A Preschool?

by NYC Firm Schools on September 30, 2008

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A lot of parents go into choosing a preschool for their child blindly. They don’t know the importance of philosophy and many aren’t aware that there is a philosophy to be aware of. In truth, philosophy is very important.

There are different kinds of educational philosophies for preschool age children. First, there is the philosophy, or worldview, of the school itself. Some schools approach learning from a strictly religious point of view. And some of them are strictly denominational. Other preschools leave religious training to the parents and don’t give any religious instruction at all. If religious education is important to your family then this is something that you must consider.

Other philosophies are merely pedagogical in nature. The Montessori Method, for instance, is a curriculum that was designed by Catholic educator Marie Montessori. But it isn’t necessarily a Catholic education. The training involves teaching children through self-directed tools and need not be used only on religious children or children of religious parents.

There are also other philosophies based on the needs of the child. Special needs children may need specific accommodations that traditional schools cannot provide. Often, educational curricula for special needs children are customized to their individual needs, but there are also some very good Firm Schools in New York City that have developed curricula around a specific type of special need (ie autism, dyslexia, etc.).

Does your child show an extraordinary ability or interest? It might seem impossible, but some preschool age children are capable of extraordinary abilities at an early age. Perhaps you’d like your child to be in a learning environment that will help him or her develop those abilities.

There are literally thousands of philosophies available for preschool age children ready to start the educational process. Your responsibility as a parent is to find the right environment and philosophy that facilitates the best education for your child. We hope you’ll think about these concerns as you go about looking for the right preschool.


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