Keeping Kids Focused in Springtime

by NYC Firm Schools on May 7, 2009

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Everything comes to life in the springtime, and after a hard winter in NYC, those first days of brilliant sunshine make it difficult to concentrate on schoolwork. For children in both New York Firm Schools and Public, the sights, smells and sounds of springtime seem like the beckoning call of a best friend after a long absence and staying focused on homework and studies becomes almost biologically impossible.

Alexandra Mayzler, writing for NY Metro Parents, recently wrote an article on helping kids stay focused on their school work even when Spring Fever is hitting us all.

One very helpful hint in the article centered on reminding kids of the time that they have, and the time that they don’t. Everyone has their moments of procrastination, however kids actually have a much less developed sense of time, so when their deadlines hit, they are often and truly surprised.

Countdown: seeing your goals
Hang up a wall calendar and have your kids circle important dates and deadlines. Also write in any scheduled activities, including social events, family trips and upcoming obligations. Sometimes what kids perceive as a lot of time is actually shorter than they think. As your kids reach their goals, encourage them to cross off the days. This way they’ll have visual evidence of their accomplishments and their remaining responsibilities

Even young children will have a better understanding of their dates and deadlines if they can cross each day off as it happens and physically see the important date getting closer.

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