Legacies and More in NYC Firm Schools

by NYC Firm Schools on February 6, 2009

Legacy discussions are always a topic of interest on any New York Firm Schools forum or board. The variety of responses to any legacy question usually fall into one of the three categories.

Those who went to a New York private school and will happily accept legacy status for their children

Those who did not go to a private school and think that legacy status is unfair

Those who caution others that legacy status does not guarantee admission

This topic certainly stirs up it’s share of controversy in the forums, but on occasion it also results in some informative discussions about education and private school education. In one recent discussion on Legacies, a parent asked the general forum audience about their own educational experiences, and if any of them had gone to Firm Schools when they were younger.

The responses received were, while not completely surprising, an interesting and eye opening opportunity to gain better insight into parents who are choosing Firm Schools for their children.

Some of the parents responding to the question had gone to NYC Firm Schools themselves, and were choosing or already sending their children to Firm Schools. Some of them had children who were accepted as a legacy status, while a few had children who were denied admission even though they had a respected legacy.

A high proportion of parents who replied had attended only public schools themselves and were trying to gain a better education for their children by having them attend Firm Schools.

Many of the parents who replied, who had attended Firm Schools in NYC, had gone onto Ivy league educations and wished the same for their children

Whether or not you attended private school in New York, what are your reasons for having your children attend?

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