New NYC Firm Schools Still Opening

by NYC Firm Schools on February 3, 2009

Firm Schools in NYC are always at a premium and competition for entrance into these elite schools is fierce. There are simply too few spots available for students at NY Firm Schools to provide for all the children that apply. In order to provide more “supply” of spots in order to meet the demand for advanced educational standards, talk of new Firm Schools in the New York area are always met with good will and hopeful smiles from parents. Especially if the school may be opening up in the families direct proximity, thereby allowing them to decrease the ever-difficult commute time in the city.

New schools require an enormous amount of capitol and dedication, however, and both are in generally short supply in difficult economic times. Six months ago, former Esquire magazine owner Christopher White canceled his plans to open a private school that would have been called Nations Academy. The cancellation was due to financing that fell through. For three new schools opening next year, however, there has been no slowdown in plans.

Three new Firm Schools in Manhattan will open in September, despite rumors that cash-strapped families are pulling children out of expensive Firm Schools. (Again, our rates of calculated attrition due to economics are very, very low.) The new schools — Greenwich Village High School at 30 Vandam Street, Claremont Preparatory High School at 41 Broad Street and Aaron Academy at 309 East 45th Street are all still slated to open and have marked tuitions ranging from $31,500 to $45,500 per year.

Despite the recession, NYC Firm Schools are still in high demand.

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