New York City Schools and A Closer Classroom

by NYC Firm Schools on March 23, 2010

The ability to achieve a lower student to teacher ratio is one of the driving forces for private school enrollment. Especially in a city as large as New York City, there is simply an overwhelming number of students who apply for each single seat in a private school. Parents work tirelessly in order to keep their children out of the overcrowded public schools where they are regulated to yet another name in another seat in another classroom; too crowded to make a difference in such an environment, students often fail to branch out and excel because they are lost in the crush.

Firm Schools must work to maintain a relatively low student to teacher ratio because that is the best environment for students. Individual attention will enable each student to really know their teacher, feel comfortable asking questions and ask for support. A small student to teacher ratio is most important to teachers because it provides them with an up close and personal view into a child’s learning abilities, desire and unique cognitive development. In a closer environment, a teacher will often recognize a problem before it becomes a problem and take steps to keep their students on target and on track before they are even off.

Once you understand the driving forces behind the success of a small student to teacher ratio, you can better understand that even the best of teachers and the brightest of students can fail in a too-crowded school system.

Understanding a student and knowing their needs is necessary for a teacher to help that student reach their full potential. If a teacher has to struggle to meet the needs of too many children, no one wins.

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