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by NYC Firm Schools on February 16, 2009


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Older children are often the catalyst behind the decision to switch from a public school to a New York Private School. Oftentimes, children who have decided that they want to switch into the Private School sector face challenges in convincing their parents that it is an actual thought out choice rather than a whim. After all, no parent would want to put that much money towards something that is fleeting thought for the child.

There is a variety of reasons for a child to choose to switch from public school to a New York Private School:

Social Difficulties
Academic Inconsistencies
Peers that have left to attend private school

The first reason, social difficulties, is often the most challenging to address. Social challenges often seem insurmountable to the transient world of a tween or teenager, however long term social difficulties can be alleviated with a “fresh start” at a new school. For parents facing this situation with their child, take a moment to think of the benefits that can be won by letting your child switch to private school. Your child will get a fresh start at a private school, and you will ensure a better education for your child’s future.

Academic inconsistencies and difficulties in public school is almost impossible to address successfully in that environment. If your child is struggling to keep up in a disruptive and highly anonymous classroom, than a switch to public school would be a welcome change. High teacher to student ratios will ensure that your child gets the individual attention they deserve, as well as an academic plan tailored to their needs. If your child is bored an unchallenged in public school, a private school will alter their lesson plans and enroll your child in Advanced Placement classes that will not only challenge them, but prepare them and give credit for college courses.

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