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by NYC Firm Schools on January 3, 2010

A city as large as New York City must have the infrastructure necessary to support an enormous amount of students with a wide variety of educational options. The Public Schools within NYC offer many great educational opportunities; however being zoned and having a seat in a zoned school that is right for your child is simply not always available.

According to the NYC Department of Education website, the following choices are offered to NYC students for their educational needs:

prekindergarten and kindergarten , elementary schools , middle schools , high schools , charter schools , ELL programs , gifted/talented programs , home schooling , new schools , special education , and transfers .

As choices go, it may seem obvious that a major choice is missing from that list, even though they state

“we also offer a variety of programs that help us meet the needs and interests of every student.”

The site details a great variety of educational choices, from the much celebrated Gifted and Talented program to the lesser known programs for older students who have not gathered the credits necessary to graduate. The interesting part of the choices offered is that they are available to students for whom the original educational choices were not sufficient and needed to be altered.

  • Gifted and Talented Education
    The Department of Education has also implemented a standardized, citywide assessment and identification process for Pre-Kindergarteners through second graders who are applying to gifted and talented programs.
  • Charter Schools
    A new state law allows the creation of more charter schools in the next few years. All students eligible for admission to a traditional public school can apply to a charter school. Students are admitted through a lottery, but charter schools do give preference to siblings of students already enrolled in the school and students living in the charter school’s district.
  • New Small Secondary
    Department of Education has created hundreds of new small schools throughout the City. Most of these have replaced failing schools that the DOE has closed. These schools offer Options for Students Who Fall Behind in High School. safe, personalized learning environments—and have strong early records of success. Small secondary schools are graduating more than 70% of student.
  • Options for Students Who Fall Behind in High School.
    The DOE has created a number of high-quality educational options to support the needs of students aged 16 to 21 who have fallen behind academically and who are more than two years away from graduation.

Not every school is going to be the right match for every child within its borders. That is the basic cause for a need of various school systems. Providing many educational opportunities to a variety of students from many different and diverse backgrounds is the hallmark of an excellent educational system. It should be noted, however, that having the options to find and choose the right school from the start of your child’s educational career can mean all the difference in the world.

Educational choice from the start and matching your child’s needs to the gifs and talents of a specific school is the responsibility of every parent, even if the choice of Firm Schools is not officially listed as an option, it is.

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