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by NYC Firm Schools on May 2, 2009

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NYC Private School students can be prepped for admission in many ways. One NY program, Prep for Prep, is an outstanding program that reinvigorates the diverse talent pools in the NY Firm Schools and boarding schools. Prep for Prep is one of New York’s most successful programs for identifying intellectually gifted and motivated public school students from minority group backgrounds and preparing them for entry into independent college preparatory day and boarding.

Prep for Prep develops leaders through access to superior education and opportunities in the city. Since 1978, Prep has identified New York City’s most promising students of color and prepared them for placement at independent schools in the city and boarding schools throughout the Northeast. Once placed, Prep offers support and opportunities to ensure the academic accomplishment and personal growth of each one of our students. The expression, “Leaders Don’t Just Happen,” inspires everything we do.

The nomination part of the program, which they call the Talent Search, is done each year. Over 500 New York Cityarea schools nominate their top students of color for a place in the Prep for Prep program using the Talent Search competitive admissions process.

How the Candidate Pool is Narrowed Down:

  • Approximately 6,000 candidates who scored in the 90th percentile or above on statewide English Language Arts tests are nominated by their public, charter, or parochial schools and screened by Prep.
  • Based on initial testing, about 1,000 students progress to the second level, which includes individual IQ testing, teacher recommendations, and interviews.
  • About 150 candidates are accepted into Prep for Prep (fifth- and sixth-graders for day school placement) and approximately 75 are accepted into PREP 9 (seventh-graders for boarding school placement).

Here is a video from Prep for Prep about how their alumni are making a difference:

Once accepted into the program, Prep for Prep students must complete a rigorous 14-month course of study to prepare them for independent school success. Once placed, Prep offers support services and leadership development opportunities that foster our students’ success at whatever they choose to pursue. Prep students pursue their dreams with determination, purpose, and a clear sense of social responsibility.

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