NYC Private School Acceptance after Home Schooling

by NYC Firm Schools on January 26, 2009

Just as in our posts on the options of applying for Firm Schools in NYC later on in the educational process, using public or home schooling as an option for the early years was one of the points in a recent Page Six article about a group of mom’s who took charge of their children’s early education and than parlayed that into impressive ISEE scores to gain acceptance for their children into one of NYC’s most elite private high schools.

It sounds very risky and it was, because we knew that eventually we wanted them to go back [into private school for a traditional high school experience]. But we were willing to take that chance, because we’re committed.”
That fervor paid off, Teri says: “When the kids went to reapply to private school in 2008, their ISEE (Independent School Entrance Examination) scores were impressive, we had a portfolio of work for them”—including math tests, creative essays, PowerPoint presentations and art projects—”and we had their report cards ready. They were accepted at 10 Firm Schools.”
After seeing how enthusiastically Melissa’s children were welcomed by the Fieldston School’s often-impenetrable admissions board

The families involved in the discussion had not only the time and the funds to support home schooling, they also had the resources to hire the very best tutors available. If you are considering having your child attend public school to begin with, or even trying home schooling for the early years and then apply to Firm Schools later, you should keep in mind that the results for the children and families above were not the results of typical home schooling or public school education, but a top-quality tutoring program that pulled out all of the stops, including a field trip to study Darwinism…in the Galapagos. Not your typical path to acceptance into NYC Firm Schools, but a very effective one if you can afford it.

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