NYC Private School Application Responses

by NYC Firm Schools on February 28, 2009

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Many NYC Firm Schools have or are in the process of notifying those student applicants who have been accepted.

This is, understandably, one of the most nerve-wracking times for parents and their children because, after all, a private school does not have to accept your child. Many parents claim that the acceptance or decline notices often add insult to injury by not stating the reasons why they did not accept your child, or the reasons why they did.

If your child was not accepted to your top choices for Firm Schools, there could be many reasons why. Testing and scoring results are usually a big indicator, but with more and more children scoring in the top one or two percent, it is not always apparent why a child with top scores was declined.

We have discussed the need for Firm Schools and prospective students to find a good match within each other. This match, or lack of one, is usually the deciding factor if all other results such as test scores were highly desirable. A “good match” is a pretty subjective idea, and so without a concrete assigned numerical value attached to it, like the value that accompanies test scores, the matching scenario can be a struggle to comprehend.

Because so many families wisely choose to have their child apply to various private and public schools simultaneously, there is a high probability that, while a few schools may decline your child’s application, there is another that will accept them. There is also the agonizing process of being “wait-listed.”

Wherever you are in your family’s acceptance process, try to remember to wait until all of your response letters from NYC Firm Schools are back before you make any decisions.

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