NYC Firm Schools and Financial Concerns

by NYC Firm Schools on February 25, 2009

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Many parents with pre-school age children are considering the costs of financing an NYC Private School education tuition. For some parents, the horror stories of tuition costs are enough for them to discount a private education as a possibility for their child.

Because personal finances are a generally taboo subject within social circles, most parents only hear what a private school is charging. What they don’t hear, simply because it’s seldom brought up, is that the family is only paying a fraction of that tuition due to sliding scaled tuition charges and need-based grants.

There are many New York Firm Schools that operate with sliding scale tuitions that only charge a family what they can “reasonably afford” for their child’s education. In addition, Need Based Grants also offer families with tight budgets the extra help that they may need.

If you are a parent who is considering all of the choices for your child’s education, make sure you talk to the schools you find suitable and find out which ones would be willing to work with you and your family to come to an agreeable tuition payment for your child.

Questions to consider when discussing Financial Aid options with potential schools:

  1. What type of FA does the school offer?
  2. Are the admission and financial aid processes at the school combined or independent?
  3. What is the FA application deadline?
  4. What forms are necessary? Are separate forms necessary if you own your own business?
  5. Does the school require a minimum contribution or can financial aid cover the entire cost? (If you are eligible for that option)
  6. If my child receives financial aid one year, will they be guaranteed financial aid the next as long as the family’s financial status stays the same?

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