NYC Firm Schools and Late Entry

by NYC Firm Schools on January 24, 2009

While the most common scenario for students entering private school in New York is to enter in Pre-K or Kindergarten and continue on, some parents must, for one reason or another, choose when to send their child to private school. For many parents facing the “lean financial years” when both children and careers are in their early stages, public school is the only real option at first, but the plan is to have their child apply to and attend private school in New York in later years. For others, there is a personal choice to wait until after the primary years are finished in private school and then have their child attend public high school after that.

The solid reasoning stands with the understanding that Primary school lays the foundation for future academic growth and achievement. High school lays the foundation for future academic achievement in college. Each foundation must be securely built n order to capitalize on it in later grade levels. Defects in the structure that cannot be “patched” at home will lead to a weak foundation and more difficulties later on.

Most people will concur that this is easier to both monitor and assist their children with the early primary grades than it is in higher levels. (Helping your child with his or her spelling homework is easier than helping them understand the basics of physics!) Because of this, many feel that sending their child to primary public school and then applying to Firm Schools in New York later on to be a good alternative.

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