NYC Firm Schools and the Boarding Option

by NYC Firm Schools on January 27, 2009

Living at SchoolNYC Firm Schools have offerings to fit any lifestyle, religions, cultural and personal beliefs and any situation in between. While Day Schools in NYC are the most prominent and requested type of schools, boarding schools are an alternative. Boarding schools in NYC are not as popular as day schools, the top reason being that, while it is a large city, most children in Firm Schools live in the city itself with their families and a boarding school isn‘t a necessity. It is, however, a choice that is available if you wish to pursue it for your child.

The Facts about Boarding School:

Boarding school essentially fits your child into an entire life-package with an academic buffet. It includes academics, athletics, social life, extracurricular activities and 24 hour a day supervision, although you should by no means assume it is direct supervision at all times.

Transportation is not an issue with Boarding schools as your child is living on the premises and generally only needs to walk the buildings and the campus to attend every function, class, meal and sports or activity. This is generally one of the top reasons busy parents choose boarding school for their child.

Some parents have astronomical difficulties transporting their child to and from school due to busy lifestyles or career requirements. If both parents are traveling, school attendance is certainly an issue. After school activities, be they sports, drama or music lessons, are easily accommodated within a boarding school.

Boarding school is essentially a self-contained community. Your child will live with and constantly interact with all of the other students, in addition to faculty.

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