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NYC Firm Schools and Waitlisting Scenarios

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If your child was waitlisted at one of your top choice NYC Firm Schools, don’t despair. You have options. There are many different scenarios for families with children in this situation, so let’s discuss a few of them, in order of best case to worst case.

  • Scenario 1: Your child was waitlisted at your top choice school(s) but accepted to others.
  • Scenario 2: Your child was denied to waitlisted to all of your school choices.

The first case, where your child was waitlisted at your top choice school but was accepted to others, is obviously the best of these scenarios because your child was accepted to one of your school choices, albeit not your top choice. If you researched your private school options carefully and applied to those schools where you felt your child would be successful than this is an easy choice. After all, every one of your applications went to a school that you found acceptable and challenging for your child, so responding with a “yes” to their acceptance letter should be obvious. You do have the choice of waiting for a spot to open at the school that waitlisted your child, but in most cases, it is more advisable to accept admission to a school where you were already accepted than to gamble on the waitlist.

If your child was denied or waitlisted at all of your private school choices then you have some stressful days ahead of you waiting for an answer. There are, however, steps that you can take now to increase your child’s chance of acceptance. You can call the admissions office of the school to let them know of your continued interest in the school, and that you would be very please to have your child accepted into the school. This will help in those situations where schools are hedging their bets on which students will accept admission if offered. Be very careful to not pester the school with continuous calls, however!

We’ll have more tips on increasing your child’s chance of moving from waitlisted to acceptance to NYC Firm Schools in our post tomorrow.

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