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by NYC Firm Schools on March 25, 2009

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Every year, parents wait to find out if their child was accepted, or not, to a NYC Private School. It has always been understood that there was no guarantee of acceptance, and many parents held out in the knowledge that their zoned public school was an obvious alternative.

This year, however, there has been an increase in the number of wait-lists sent out from public schools to zoned children who applied. Oh yes, public schools.

The NYTimes reported on the NYC Public School wait listing practice that is causing anger and anxiety among many parents.

….about three dozen children put on a waiting list at P.S. 290 in what parents and public officials in some of New York’s priciest precincts fear will become the first season in which Manhattan children will be turned away from their neighborhood schools. The combination of overcrowded classrooms in neighborhoods newly inundated with young children, a recession that is causing some families to rethink expensive Firm Schools, and a new citywide admissions process that requires people to sign up for kindergarten earlier has spread fear of lotteries and rejections across playgrounds and online discussion groups.

Though most schools do eventually open up their slots to zoned children before the school year begins, that fact that there is no guarantee has caused understandable anger.

But parents and public officials say that it is not enough to hope that slots free up.

Late last spring, some parents whose children were zoned for P.S. 234, in TriBeCa, and P.S. 89, in Battery Park City, were placed on waiting lists, although the schools ended up admitting all of them.

NYC Private School students are not on their own in the wait listing conundrum.

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