Parent Comments at NYC School Rally

by NYC Firm Schools on May 29, 2009

Creative Commons License photo credit: hiddedevries

Earlier this month, over 200 parents, children and politicians gathered on the steps of City Hall in NYC to protest overcrowding in the city’s public schools, and the placement of hundreds of children on waiting lists for their neighborhood kindergartens this year.

One parent, Andy Lachman, made the following comments that deserve to be repeated, as they echo the sentiments of many NYC families with children in all schools, Public, Private and Charter.

Thank you all for coming today to support the notion that every child in every corner of NYC deserves a primary school near their home.
My daughters have been truly fortunate to attend PS 290, Manhattan New School.
MNS is a nurturing neighborhood school that makes children feel as if it is their second home. It is a wonderful learning environment and the foundation for a strong city.
Unfortunately not every child has been as fortunate as mine. Hundreds of K-5 children across NYC are shut out of their local elementary school, roughly 40 schools are capped.
The city closed 3000 day care centers leaving parents scrambling for a place to send their children and the 151 zoned children have been without a school for 10 years.
The overcrowding problem is not going away. We are in a crisis.
Mr. Mayor we need you to make Joel Klein and the DOE act .
We need more schools and we need them now.
It is unacceptable that hundreds of children are on wait lists in their zoned schools and they do not know where they will be in September.
Every child in New York City deserves a seat in their neighborhood — not across town or wherever the DOE can cram them in.
Mr. Mayor, when DOE can provide every NYC school child with a school seat near their home -as they did with my child – then we can all join with you to chant your campaign motto:
“NYC is the greatest place to live and raise a family”

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