Parents Role in Education

by NYC Firm Schools on April 8, 2009

August 29, 2006: First Day of School
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There is no question that NYC Firm Schools focus on the importance of an excellent education for all students. It is, after all, the point of any educational institution to teach it’s students. In the emphasis that many families place upon a school, however, there is sometimes a greater focus lost on the amount of influence that a family itself can have on a child’s education.

Beyond the Classroom

Dr. Laurence Steinberg conducted extensive studies on the long term success of students, not by criticizing the teaching methods and theory of their schools, but by focusing on the children’s life outside of school; the students’ homes, peer groups, parents’ attitudes, and community environments. In his book, Beyond the Classroom Dr. Steinberg argues that the factors of family and community influence student achievement. Steinberg’s analytical studies of declining SAT scores, comparisons of ethnicity and adolescent achievement, and examination of the family’s role in education are very interesting.

The importance of the family’s role in a child’s education can not be overestimated. Every school event and class project or fair that you attend shows you child that you value his or her school and education.

In a 10-year study of 20,000 teenagers, Laurence Steinberg found that only one-fifth of parents regularly attended school functions, and that those who did were much more likely to have high-achieving students.

In Beyond the Classroom, the author writes

Attending school functions may be even more important for the message it communicates to teachers and other school personnel. Teachers cannot help but pay closer attention to students whose parents they encounter at school programs

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