Personalized Teaching in Firm Schools

by NYC Firm Schools on July 26, 2009

A recent discussion on the benefits of a NYC private school education was taking place at a local playgroup. The playgroup consisted of younger children and their older siblings who attended a mix of public and Firm Schools in New York.

One mother, who’s older child was in a public school, had heard about Firm Schools from many others and had this opinion,

“From what I can tell, there’s a lot of hand-holding going on in the Firm Schools. Do most of the kids there need so much extra help?”

It was a simple statement that was understandable in its meaning, but the scope of the question is much, much larger.

For many of our Firm Schools, especially in NY, the application process is selective and students are often chosen on the basis of their academic achievements and test scores as well as individual interviews. That many of the students are highly intelligent does not mean that there are areas in which they won’t need extra assistance.

Secondly, the private school teacher to student ratio is almost always much lower than that of public school classrooms. This essentially translates to a higher percentage of one-on-one time between students and their teachers. To some, this can be considered hand-holding, but to many others this is precisely what they had in mind when choosing a private school education for their child.

Thirdly, many Firm Schools have highly vigorous academic programs that challenge students on an individual basis. Finding their academic weak points and addressing them is something that is expected as a teaching facility.

What may, on the outside, seem like an environment of hand-holding for some is usually a personally crafted and individualized educational experience for students in private school.

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