Potential Educational Plans Moving Forward

by NYC Firm Schools on March 16, 2010

The Voucher programs and credits for Private School tuition money are important topics all around the country’s education industry discussion groups. Some areas of the U.S. provide student vouchers for children who are at a disadvantage in their current school district. Those children who have not been able to receive an appropriate education in their public school are given the choice of using certain funds to change to a better school, private or public. Public money, however, quickly brings up the subject of public oversight, which is something that the Private School Sector has worked tirelessly to detach themselves from.

For those children who have needed to take advantage of the Voucher program, the larger themes of government interference, government oversight and financial concerns are usually far off the radar as they work towards achieving more at the new school. It is the very funding of these programs, however, that is taking over the bulk of the discussions right now.

The Washington Post discussed the new Educational Plan unveiled by President Obama and the potential changes it would have on Private School Vouchers.

Unless Congress acts soon or the D.C. government decides to assume responsibility, the voucher program, which has benefited so many students since its inception in 2004, is in grave danger. The Obama administration closed the program to new students; children currently enrolled, while supposedly assured of getting vouchers until they graduate from high school, face uncertainty as the program’s administrator pulls out.

With the unveiling of Obama’s new Educational Plan there are sure to be changes coming for all sectors of the Educational System in our country. The best we can do as parents and concerned individuals is to work and support the schools that are shaping our children for the future.

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