Preschool Education Importance

by NYC Firm Schools on December 29, 2009

For every parent that struggles anxiously over finding the right preschool for their child, there is another parent that wonders why preschool is even important. After all, children are so very young in preschool and they have years to learn all they have to, why start so early? The truth is that the minds of children, at even the youngest of ages, is so complex and able to make so many connections that waiting to create the basis for learning can be detrimental to their intellectual accomplishments later on.

In a recent article on scientific studies on learning, the advances in education for preschoolers was studied more intimately.

For much of the last century, educators and many scientists believed that children could not learn math at all before the age of five, that their brains simply were not ready. But recent research has turned that assumption on its head — that, and a host of other conventional wisdom about geometry, reading, language and self-control in class. The findings, mostly from a branch of research called cognitive neuroscience, are helping to clarify when young brains are best able to grasp fundamental concepts.

Building the basics of learning at such a young age predictably has some parents bemoaning the potential for “lost youth.” It is a common appeal that children will spend so much time and energy learning that they will not learn to be children. To play and laugh and simply enjoy childhood is essential to development. Learning in preschool is not done to the exclusion of imagination and play; it is done in conjunction with free play.

In a Building Blocks classroom, numbers are in artwork, on computer games and in lessons, sharing equal time with letters. Like “Sesame Street,” Building Blocks has children play creative counting games; but it also focuses on other number skills, including cardinality (how many objects are in a set) and one-to-one correspondence (matching groups of objects, like cups and saucers). Teachers can tailor the Building Block lesson to a student’s individual ability.

It is a simple thing for a child to learn while playing and having fun, even in complete imaginative free play. The difference in some highly skilled preschools is that the educators understand that even the very young are capable of advanced learning and set the stage for that learning to evolve naturally.

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