Private School Not a Luxury to Most

by NYC Firm Schools on April 3, 2009

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The Wisconsin Rapids Tribune published a short but interesting story about one family’s determination to keep their children in private school, despite financial difficulties. One of the most interesting and telling lines in the entire article, however, is the very first one.

Beckie Rogers doesn’t think of her children’s private education as a luxury — it’s a necessity.

If you step back a moment and really read that comment, you can understand both the stigma that is often attached to a private school education and also the determination that families have when choosing the best schools for their kids. You can even substitute a specific local or charter school’s name into the sentence and it doesn’t change the meaning behind it; that parent’s feel a top education for their children is a necessity, not a luxury. That is the guiding principle behind most every parent’s dream for their child.

While many outlets have discussed the financial downturn and it’s effect on private schooling, there has been only a small affect on attrition rates, though a very large affect on Financial Aid applications. In fact, this article states that, for the school in discussion,

“We are seeing a higher retention this year than in the past,” said Brian Ruesch, development director for WRACS. “Our actual enrollment count is higher than in past years at this point, and we have also received numerous additional donations in the last year specifically to help families in scholarship and tuition assistance.”

The mother interviewd, iwho has two children in private school,said recessions don’t keep parents from Firm Schools and that,

“as a parent, I prioritize and give up other things. This is a necessity for my family.”

And that is indeed how many families feel about their child’s education.

The stigma that private school, or any top educational facility for that matter, is a luxury only for the wealthy is simply untrue and ignorant.

  • Untrue because families from every tax bracket with every aspect of FA from grants to loans to scholarships and attend Firm Schools.
  • Ignorant because it makes the assumption that education itself is only for the wealthy and that it is something to be given up when things get financial tight, without ever taking into account a child’s right to a quality education and future.

“There are more families that have chosen to utilize tuition assistance in recent years,” Ruesch said. “What I see is a determined parent group who want to have their children in Catholic schools and will sacrifice a great deal to continue.”

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