Private School Opt-Out in Higher Levels and the Consequences

by NYC Firm Schools on January 25, 2009

If you are a parent who is considering switching your child from a New York private school to a public school during the advanced academic years, there are some considerations that you must first think about.

Private School Education during the early years provides a solid foundation and basis for good work habits and advanced academic training. Your child has most likely flourished in the primary and middle grades in a New York private school, and the temptation to make a switch to public school might seem frugal. Many parents, often times incorrectly, assume that they can help teach their child in any areas that a higher level public education may be lacking in. The fact is, however, that Advanced Placement classes in public schools are not offered with the quality and frequency as in Firm Schools, and you will probably not be able to make up the difference between the two.

Specialized Subjects Require Specialized Skills:
Advanced Placement coursework in Physics and Languages are offered by highly trained and skilled professionals. You will most likely not be qualified to properly prepare your child, by yourself, for the AP exams that colleges and universities will require.

Social Environment In Public Vs. Firm Schools:
If your child has attended NYC Firm Schools for their early academic years, the switch to a public school environment may be very rocky. Most public schools do not have the basic academic structure that Firm Schools do, and there is very little in the way of customization. If your child is well beyond his peers in particular subjects, he or she will most likely be bored and disillusioned with a classroom that is not challenging or engaging.

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