Private School Philosophy; What is your Child’s Best Fit?

by NYC Firm Schools on October 24, 2008

As a parent, you must research and understand the basic philosphy of the schools to which your child will be applying to. Philosophies can range anywhere from strictly traditional, to highly reglious, to open and innovative. The choice of schools that you and your child make shouldn’t be based upon which philosphy sounds the most warm and fuzzy to you, however; what peaks your interest may not be the best educational experience for your child. Realistically, the school philosophy that appeals most to your child may not be the best for them, either.

Let’s look at a case study on a school philosphy that doesn’t match a specific child’s learning needs. Jace is an outgoing, inquisitive child who can be easily distracted. While he enjoys being very active, always on the go, he tends to busy himself in the classroom with everything except for his actual work. For a child like this, a free and open classroom would be the most appealing. It would hold and keep his interest in hundreds of different sights, sounds and opportunities to explore. It will not, however, help him concentrate or focus on actual schoolwork. A more structured environment will be a better fit for Jace’s educational needs, helping him aviod too many distractions and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

In Jace’s case, an innovative and open school would be the most appealing, but would also have potentially detrimental affects on his educational needs.

In this way we can see that school philosophy is not simply a matter of an appealing motto, but an entire educational approach that must best fit your child.

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