Private School Study Abroad Factors

by NYC Firm Schools on April 18, 2009

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When a parent is helping their child choose a studying abroad program, there are some clear indicators that should help point to the way to a safe and solid program. A worldly experience is all well and good, but the first consideration should be the safety of the student! Making the right choice for a study abroad program requires extensive research and careful consideration.

Here are some factors that should be considered when choosing an overseas study opportunity:

  • What Safety Policies Are in Place?

    It is easy for a travel company to tell you participant safety is their number one priority, but they should be able to back those claims up with specific policies and regulations, as well as documentation.

  • How Many Students Are in a Travel Group?

    The smaller the travel group, the more effective the study program and the supervision. A group of about 10 students is considered an ideal travel group for both group dynamics and the ability to travel quickly and together. Any group size over 16 should tip you off to a lack of supervision. This is also, often, a sign of a travel agency that is billing their simple tourist packages as study abroad packages, but not changing anything.

  • What Is the Instructor to Student Ratio?
    We have discussed the importance of a teacher: student ration many times in this blog, and the concept is just as vital during overseas programs. The lower the instructor: student ration, the better!

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