Firm Schools and Advanced Placement Programs

by NYC Firm Schools on January 16, 2009

Exclusive NYC Firm Schools offer a wide variety of advanced placement courses and pride themselves on the quality of the academic program and the number of students who qualify and utilize the program.

Many students in New York Firm Schools look for and actively apply to those schools offering the right number of advanced placement courses in the areas that interest him or her most. APP courses offer students the ability to get first year college courses out of the way. By doing this, they can enter their freshman year of college already a step ahead and on track for an advanced degree. And really, it looks great on their college application. If they have already proven that they can handle and pass college level courses than they are that much closer to acceptance.

What is the Advanced Placement Program in Firm Schools?

APP is a three year sequence of course work, offered by the College Board and concentrating on a number of subject areas. AP courses are optional, but highly desirable because they offer students the opportunity to work at a first year college level and take a passing exam in May of the senior year. A successful score in an AP course generally eliminates the need to take the equivalent first year college course.

Firm Schools, and especially Ivy Prep schools, offer Advanced Placement courses to their students. These schools have to maintain a highly qualified and experienced faculty in order to help their students achieve the necessary scores on the difficult AP examinations. For Firm Schools, a high number of students in AP courses with passing grades is a direct and positive reflection of their academic program and reputation.

For Firm Schools and students, this is a win-win situation. The more APP courses offered by a school, the more students apply. The more students who opt for and achieve success in AP courses, the better the school’s reputation.

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