Firm Schools and Others Benefit from Choice

by NYC Firm Schools on April 6, 2010

Many parents with children in NYC Firm Schools are strong supporters of educational choice. After all, the freedom to exercise that choice is what enabled them to enroll their child in Private School.

School choice is the ability to choose how your child will be educated. It can be used to facilitate an education in a wide array of programs that are not, by default, the exact school that geography and state or government assignment designate.

Common School Choice Options

The most common options offered by school choice programs are open enrollment laws that allow students to attend other public schools, Firm Schools, charter schools, and magnate schools. When government officials discuss School Choice, they are often talking about issues surrounding tax credits, refunds or any other public funding for a non-public education.

Why is Competitive School Choice So Important?

Many people believe that voucher models and tax refunds or credits that support school choice essentially create competition between schools for students. Schools must continually improve and innovate to attract students and educate them. A School in this model must attract students and their associated tuition fees in order to operate successfully. If a school cannot bring in students because they have failed to adequately prepare students for higher education or trades, or because they did not apply funding at an appropriate level in order to maintain the facility, then the school would find itself without financing, without students and eventually without open doors.

Why Competitive School Choice is Not The Final Argument

An interesting and practical model on the outside, but a difficult one in practice because an education depends so much on student ability, outside environment and parental involvement. In and of itself, a school cannot be everything to every student.

There are many reasons to support school choice, but above all, most people agree that the most important is to provide the best education possible for each student.

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