Firm Schools and Single Sex Education Studies

by NYC Firm Schools on September 26, 2009

There are many NYC Firm Schools that offer only single-sex environments vs. the more common co-educational educational choices. All girls or all boys schools are becoming a focal point for educators, parents and scientists in varied professions that hold to the notion that boys and girls learn different based on both social and physical differences.

In the past, most schools were same-sex educational facilities and many did not see the value of educating a woman at all. In the 60’s and 70’s, however, it became more common to educate boys and girls together and that has become the norm in the past four decades. Times are changing again though, and more and more are looking into the value of a same sex education that does not have to contend with the distraction of the opposite sex in the classroom.

More NYC Firm Schools are coming onboard with single sex education. This is understandable given that academic associations do tend to mirror society’s wants and needs at the time.

A researcher in the field of Education and a the author of Girls and Boys in School: Together or Separate, Cornelius Riordan has spent years examining educational outcomes based on various school settings. Hi findings regarding same-sex educational facilities resulted in his saying:

“Having conducted research on single-sex and co-educational schools for the past two decades, I have concluded that single-sex schools help to improve student achievement. My conclusions are based on high quality national data gathered by the National Center for Education Statistics, as well as on studies conducted around the globe.”

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