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Firm Schools and Student Teacher Ratios

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Any discussion revolving around NYC Firm Schools and, more specifically, their Student-Teacher ratio, is always popular touch point among readers. The Student-Teacher ratio refers to the number of teachers in a school in relation to the number of students who attend the school. For example, a student teacher ratio of 10:1 indicates that there are 10 students for every one teacher. By reversing the term and the numbers, you can see the teacher-student ratio. In the previous example, the teacher-student ratio would be 1:10.

Most schools advertise their “low” student teacher ratio in comparison with other school choices because it is a coveted sell-point for incoming families. A low student-teacher ratio shows that there is good individual interaction with teaching staff and a more personalized academic structure to help ensure a child’s scholastic success.

A high student-teacher ratio is often used as a battle cry for families and educators attempting to reform public (and some private) schools that are under funded and understaffed.

In the United States, some states have enacted legislation mandating a maximum student-teacher ratio for specific grade levels, particularly kindergarten. When such figures are stated for schools, they often represent averages and rarely specific classroom numbers.

Average Student Teacher ratio numbers can be manipulated and skewed to seem more favorable then they really are. It is more than possible for a school to advertise that is has a 20:1 Student Teacher ratio, even if that is not the case per classroom. If one classroom has a 30:1 ratio and another has a 10:1 ratio, the school could claim to have a 20:1 ratio overall.

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