Firm Schools Offer Overseas Summer Programs

by NYC Firm Schools on April 17, 2009

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Study abroad opportunities are very popular in New York Firm Schools. It is common for schools to offer overseas summer programs for students to enrich their cultural and academic education, and there are a variety of ways that schools approach a summer overseas program.

Studying abroad helps instill a sense of increased self-confidence, a heightened understanding of global issues and a personal submersion into another culture that would frankly be impossible with a simple tourist visit.

It is a also good to mention that an overseas studying opportunity provides amazing and eye-catching fodder for college essays! There are a variety of organizations who specialize in youth travel and many work closely with specific schools. There is also a diversity in the goals of the overseas programs with variations in travel style, educational philosophy, and overall quality. Some programs are an inclusive experience, offering a little bit of everything, while others have a specific goal in mind depending on the group’s focus.

Overseas programs may specialize or focus in

  • Language
  • Economics
  • Culture
  • Art
  • History

For students who which to go onto college with a focus in Art or History, a study abroad program in Italy that has a specialized program would be an ideal match. Perhaps a cultural immersion in China with a special attention to language would be a great match for a student going on to obtain an MBA in a global business market.

Whichever program you and your child choose, it is sure to be an experience that is remembered long beyond their private school years.

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