Firm Schools, Philosophy and a Good Match

by NYC Firm Schools on October 28, 2008

When you are reviewing private school websites and printed material to get a basic understanding of that particular school’s teaching and educational philosophy, you will no be left with a lot of unanswered questions. Gathering bits of data from this type of informational portal will not be a substitute for a positive school tour, and it will certainly not be a substitute for discussing the school with children and families who have children attending. Instead, insights like this into a school’s philosophy will give you a basic understanding of what the school is looking for in a student, and if it might be a possible match for your child.

If your child has strong artistic tendencies and rebels easily against rigid atmospheres, then most likely a traditional private school that leans towards a more strict style of education will not be right for you.

If your child is highly athletic and wants their physical educational excellence to be on par with their intellectual education, than a traditional school with a highly competitive athletics program would be a great fit.

You will be able to glean this type of initial atmospheric information from the school’s printed material and websites and weed out those schools that will simply not be a match for your child’s educational wants and needs.

Don’t waste your time, your child’s time, and the school’s time by touring, applying to and interviewing with Firm Schools that will simply not be a good fit for your child, even if it might sound prestigious and be the ‘it’ school of that year.

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