Firm Schools’ Study Abroad Program Philosphy

by NYC Firm Schools on April 19, 2009

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Private School philosophies are usually a concept or a mission that they base their educational and cultural curriculum and environment upon, but very seldom is it something stated matter-of-factly. It is often something that is difficult, if not impossible, to pin down completely.

Each Study Abroad Agency has a mission or philosophy that they apply to their programs. By looking at the agency’s brochures and websites, you can probably gain a good deal of insight into their programs based upon what they are choosing to advertise the most aggressively.

Teenage Tourism or Study Abroad?

Does the Study Abroad Agency aggressively market the educational and cultural interactions in the program, or are they advertising and marketing to the teenage tourist? If the agency spends a lot of advertising real estate on a vacationing-type of package with a lot of time spent on the beach, then a true study abroad program curriculum is probably not their main focus.

Tourist Trap or Cultural Immersion?

Study Abroad Program philosophies differ in their attention to itineraries and contacts. A program that follows an “international vacation” package is more likely to make use of chartered transportation, visiting famous attractions and using pre-packaged itineraries.

A program that focuses on a memorable learning experience will utilize contacts to enable children to meet and interact with local groups and features intrinsic to the educational experience as a whole.

Pre-Study Advantage:

Look for a Study Abroad program that has some pre-trip meetings to help immerse students in the practical and philosophical aspects of the culture they will be visiting. By attaining some base knowledge before the trip and understanding local customs and rules, they will be able to then explore the country on a deeper level when they have arrived.

An International Study Abroad Program is one of the many benefits that NYC Firm Schools offer their students. If your child is interested, have them discuss the interest with school staff and teachers.

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