Focus On Queens Community House

by NYC Firm Schools on May 6, 2012

In Flushing, a neighborhood of Queens, there is a community center offering services to Queens residents of all ages. Among those services are early childhood education and learning programs for school age children. It is called Queens Community House.

Queens Community House serves the Queens borough with 22 locations in 11 neighborhoods.

The Queens Childcare Network provides services for child care service providers in Queens. Activities and services include classroom training for new child care providers, nutrition training, meal supervision, children’s lending library, and informational services.

For school age children the community center provides summer camps and after school programs. The Queens Community House Youth Program caters to children ages 5 to 21 and seeks to help them develop into mature adults. The center offers a supportive environment that allows the children to explore their interests and passions, develop social connections and make friends, become lifelong learners, and enjoy the company of others like themselves.

With the teen population in Queens in growth mode, Queens Community House is seeking opportunities to expand its services to the teen market within Queens. Currently, the center offers leadership opportunities for teens, athletics, employment services, and a high school transition program, among other services for teens.

Queens Community House got its start in 1967 when Mario Cuomo, then a little known NYC attorney, was appointed to mediate tensions in the community. What developed was an ethnically diverse community center that stands as a positive testament to the power of people in Queens. A brighter life begins with early childhood education and the Queens Community House has its fingers in learning opportunities for people of all ages.

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