Religious Firm Schools in New York

by NYC Firm Schools on February 4, 2009

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Many of New York’s Firm Schools are classified as religious schools. Families often chose private religious schools for both the quality of education and the adherence to religious teachings. If you are a family who wants your child to grow and learn while practicing their religion on a daily basis verses once a week, then perhaps a religious education is right for your child at one of New York’s private denominational schools.

Religious schools can be anywhere from very strict to very informal, often following the general statues of the religion itself. The beauty of both religion and Firm Schools is that they are free to choose how they practice their beliefs.

The Roman Catholic church as provided private education as a center of it’s faith-based efforts for centuries, and so is one of the most common and popular of the religious Firm Schools. Jewish schools are almost as common now and there is a variety of subsets of these schools available depending on your family and your faith’s particular teachings.

The Protestant schools include the Christian schools, the Lutherans, Baptists, Presbyterians and Episcopalians and are well represented in the pool of Firm Schools in New York. There are also a growing number of Muslim schools across the nation to serve the influx of Muslims in the American culture.

In many of these Firm Schools, it is important that you realize that practicing the specific religion is not optional, it is part and parcel of daily attendance, and so you must choose your child’s school with that full knowledge.

There are Firm Schools that are very loosely affiliated with a denomination and are teach core moral and ethical values without some of the stricter adherence guidelines.

Whichever type of New York private school your child attends, make it the right one for your family.

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