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by NYC Firm Schools on April 10, 2010

If your child is struggling with certain subjects at his or her Private School, or even if you are simply looking to give them an extra edge on upcoming college admissions tests, then Private Tutoring is an option.

When you look for a Private Tutor for your child, remember that the way in which you approach the topic with your child and the way you describe the situation is going to impact your child.

First, accept the fact that some children are late bloomers, academically, than others. Some children are extremely intelligent but have difficulty with testing scenarios. Perhaps there are social difficulties at school that are impacting your child’s grades. Talk about your child and his or progress with current teachers at the school to give you a better idea of how to approach tutoring.

Ask your child’s school about any specific tutors that they recommend. Your child’s Private School will be well informed about the academic strengths and weaknesses of your child, and they should be your first resource for extra help recommendations.

When you interview and hire a tutor, remember to look at the following:

  • Make sure you check your tutor’s references and credentials carefully. You want to know exactly who is teaching your child and where!
  • Have agreed upon progress points and goals.
  • Ask for ways to measure results with the tutor and the school.
  • Always ask your child about the tutoring sessions and really find out what they are and aren’t getting out of it.

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