Same-Sex NYC Private School Education

by NYC Firm Schools on March 22, 2009

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There are many NYC Firm Schools that offer only same-sex environments. All girls or all boys schools are becoming an increasingly common sight among the New York educational scene. In the past, most schools were same-sex facilities, however in the 60’s and 70’s it became out of fashion to educate boys and girls differently or separately. In point of fact, co-ed schools only became the “norm” in the past four decades.

The pendulum has once again swayed towards acceptance of same sex or single sex educational facilities, especially in NYC Firm Schools. This is understandable given that academic associations do tend to mirror society’s wants and needs at the time.

Many educators and researches are publishing studies that are based upon the idea that boys and girls learn differently. While that point remains to be seen, there are interesting studies that show single-sex education can result in increased testing scores about children and young adults.

Studies on Same-Sex Education:

In 2008, Kathy Piechura-Couture of Stetson University , reported that over the four years of the single-sex education pilot study, 55% of boys in the coed classrooms scored proficient on the FCAT, compared with 85% of boys in the all-boys classes. Remember that the study based these results off of the same class size, curriculum and demographics.

The benefits of a single sex or same sex education can be debated for years, as test scores cannot accurately measure the affects on social behavior, only academic, and even then there is difficulty in recreating exact measurements. Same sex education in NYC Firm Schools is a useful and often beneficial alternative for many students.

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