Switching in Firm Schools and Public

by NYC Firm Schools on March 9, 2009

I recently read a blog that discussed private school students potentially transitioning to public school due to financial difficulties in their families. The author astutely discusses the inherent difficulties in transitioning any child from any school to another. Whether it be public to private, private to public, or just one school to another during a move. A child switching schools is going to go though a difficult time no matter what.

The decision to pull one’s child from a private school is not one that parents make lightly. It is understandable that parents who have never sent their children to public schools would fear subpar schooling within government-funded walls. Every parent ultimately wants what’s best for their children, and with a constant drumbeat of news coverage about the crisis of American public education, those who have the funds to procure what they believe is a superior education for their child can hardly be faulted for writing a $4,000 check to a religious school, or a $30,000 check to an exclusive Manhattan preschool.1 Even putting parental fears about public schooling aside, transitioning private school kids to public schools will undoubtedly present some difficulties for all parties involved. Switching schools is never an easy proposition for a child.

The blog posts references the recent article from the times that we also discussed, which told of the families making the difficult decision of whether or not to send their child to private school in spite of declining financial ability to pay.
The bottom line, as this blogger discussed, is that educational choices are difficult in any case, and the decision to switch schools, be they private school or public, affects everyone involved.

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