The Private School Voucher Debate

by NYC Firm Schools on April 13, 2009

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Of the many school blogs and commentaries existing, Eduwonk has always delivered commentary and news on education as a whole with humor and solid information.

They recently ran a post, entitled Vouching Toward Gomorrah discussing the Fordham report on school vouchers and regulation and what their views on the voucher system are verses the (current?) final verdict.

They gathered a group with varying views, including Eduwonk, and posed some questions. My take tended to be toward the regulatory side – overall I think that public regulations and public accountability should follow public dollars, which is one reason I’m skeptical of some voucher plans. But as the report shows there are interesting and thorny questions there and it’s not a simple issue. In the end the analysts at Fordham recommend a sliding scale with regulations proportionate to the amount of public funding. That’s one option to resolve some of the differences.

The commentary on public school vouchers and private or charter school admissions is a long standing debate in the educational world. In that sometimes heated debate, however, some lose perspective on who and what the driving force is behind education.

One of the people who commented on the Fordham post respectfully and insightfully brought his opinion to the group and reminded readers what the real focus is behind all of the debate.

I have mixed feelings regarding vouchers. I believe the powers that be are forgetting the important thing and that is for educators such as myself to educate the whole child and not just teach to the test. In order to do that, money is needed so children in both the private and public sector can learn.

Parents and educators alike work and sacrifice towards the goal of helping children learn, be it in private or public schools, by voucher, FA, full scholorships or full funded, or publicly funded.

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